Creative_zen_style It seems like the only mobile devices making the news these days are smartphones and tablets. As such, it is refreshing when the MP3 players of old make an appearance. 

Today, the MP3 player in the headlines is Creative's new Zen Style M300. It is a small device sporting a 1.45-inch screen, with a design reminiscent of Apple's latest iPod Nano. 

Inside of the Zen Style M300's 55x44x12mm casing you will find a microSD slot, the previously mentioned color screen, a microphone, and either 4, 8, or 16GB of flash memory. Although the device lacks a touchscreen, the five buttons on the front allow you to navigate its functions without slaving over a microscopic display.

In spite of the screen, the device still supports video playback, as long as you first convert the file to a proprietary Creative format with the included software and then press your nose against the screen to see anything. More reasonably, the device also plays MP3, WMA, and Audible formats for up to 20 hours at a time. If you want to go wireless, the M300 has Bluetooth 2.1 for streaming audio to stereo systems and wireless headphones.

Although the MP3 player market is getting quieter and quieter, it is still nice to see a new player once in a while. They certainly still have uses, as I use my Sansa Clip often enough. At the very least, this unit could be an alternative for would-be Nano purchasers, even if it doesn't have a watch accessory.