I carry my iPad and all accessories in a laptop bag. While I have more accessories than most, they still have plenty of room in the bag- in theory. Because the accessories are small, gravity makes them all group together at the bottom of the bag. It creates a giant lump in one part of the bag while the rest is unoccupied. I’ve had an idea to fix this for a while, and finally had time to do it.

I bought a ground pad meant for camping and a ring binder at a local store. Some glue, duct tape and cutting later I had this binder with compartments for most of my accessories. It doesn’t fit all my accessories, but most. The binder fits perfectly in to the main compartment of the laptop bag along with the iPad. That space is empty anyways, so the end effect is that it feels like all the bulk from the accessories has disappeared. A bonus is that it’s easier to find stuff and harder to lose anything.