Gtalk-video So here we are in the second week of May, coming up fast on the HTC EVO 4G's one-year anniversary. It's been about 4.5 months since the first custom ROM based on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) was released and almost a month since the official 2.3.3 test build was leaked, but the majority of EVOs out there in the wild are still running some flavor of Froyo.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But if don't have the latest version of "smartphone Android" (versus "tablet Android") right now and you haven't stopped drooling since the Google Talk with video and voice chat announcement, then you might want to look away. For everyone else, there's a very good chance that you'll be able to get GTalk with video/voice on your EVO running 2.3.3 before Sprint gives it to you.

Last week, XsMagical put out a flashable .zip that gets the new GTalk working without breaking the Market or other Google apps, as some of the earlier attempts at getting this to work before it's officially "supposed to" had done. It's not guaranteed to work on every single Gingerbread ROM out there and it seems that there's an issue with the camera on Sense, but in the time it takes you to flash the modified Google apps .zip (tutorial here), wipe Dalvik and cache, and reboot to find out if it works on your ROM, everyone on the straight and narrow will still be waiting for the official Gingerbread update from Sprint. So you won't miss a thing.

As always, don't forget to Nandroid (tutorial here) before flashing, read all the instructions at the link below, and take full responsiblity if something goes wrong.

[xda-developers] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!