Well it looks like the good folks who brought us the sold out Asus Transformer are looking to drop a new tablet into the mix. Teased on the Asus Facebook page, the new tablet is looking to “Break the Rules” by making us guess somewhere between a “pad or phone.” This is all anyone knows at this point, and the rest is pure speculation. I’d have to say we are looking at a smaller, more portable tablet that will run somewhere in the 5-9″ arena. The Dell Streak plays in that territory, and it ain’t exactly luring buyers by any means. The more intriguing aspect could be the pricing as the Asus Transformer is already the most competitively priced tablet on the market at $400 for the 16GB version. A smaller Asus tablet should surely be cheaper. Regardless, we will find out at Computex at the end of the month (31st), so we don’t have too long to find out.