The Nexus S was originally released on T-Mobile in the December of 2010. So you're probably wondering why we're looking at it now.

Well, that would be because this is not the Nexus S, but the Nexus S 4G that was released on Mother's Day. It runs on Sprint's 3G and 4G networks (obviously), and I live in an area that has easy access to both. But this isn't my final review and I will wait to talk about that until then. To hold you over, here's the unboxing of Google's little darling. 


If you've seen other Nexus S unboxings before, there isn't much that's different here. When you open the box, your Nexus S is on the top, covered in fun little screen protectors. 


Underneath the device, you'll find the very . . . useful information booklets. There are three of them here. At least the printing is pretty. 


At the very bottom of the package, you'll find the three included accessories: a microUSB to USB cable, A/C adapter (into which that USB cable plugs), and a decent set of earbuds. 


And what you see above is the whole lot.

There will be a more thorough going-over of the device later, as well as a final review, but this at least shows you what you will be getting if you buy this device. Or what you already got, since the device went on sale yesterday.