Netflix-android Based on what I'm seeing in the comments from those who have already installed the official Android 2.3.3 update and what I've experienced first-hand running the rooted update on my HTC EVO 4G, I think it's safe to say that Netflix doesn't work anymore.

Sure, the app loads and lets you browse and even select videos to start watching, but then the video doesn't load. It starts to load but then ends up kicking you back to the main screen again. The app never crashes (it hasn't for me, anyway), but without being able to watch any videos, it wouldn't make much of a difference if it did.

Assuming the issue is widespread—and it must be considering all the people talking about it—then hopefully the folks at Netflix are working on an update to fix it as we speak. Either that or Sprint will release a patch (unlikely, if you ask me) or the community will come through once again.

Is Netflix working on your EVO after the official (or rooted) update to Gingerbread (version 4.22.651.2)?