All companies have their own special way of promoting their products. Apple repeatedly tries to break the record for using the word “magic” in every sentence, Asus copies popular TV shows and Samsung lets features speak for themselves. Huawei’s attempt at finding a style apparently resulted in the above video, which is perhaps the weirdest video promo I’ve seen so far. My German Shepherd does what all dogs do and tilts his head from side to side when there’s something he’s trying to understand, and that is pretty much what I find myself doing with this video as well. As if showing only the back side of the tablet wasn’t bad enough, the final scene just makes you wonder who on Earth approved the video. With a growing number of dislikes on YouTube, Huawei is likely to find someone else to do promos in the future.

As for the tablet they’re (not really) showing off in the video, that would be the Huawei MediaPad. They’re officially announcing it on June 20th, so no specs are known at this moment. From the looks of it though, it’s a 7-inch tablet, likely running Honeycomb judging from the screenshot on Facebook. I hope they price it wisely and don’t try to compete with the brand name devices, but at least the 7-inch segment isn’t overpopulated just yet.

[via Engadget]