Android devices have never been known for luxury build quality. In fact, users often complain about Android hardware feeling cheap. Tag Heuer noticed that problem and decided to do something about it with their new smartphone, the LINK. 

The device's hardware, made of materials like steel, gold, and alligator skin, certainly looks stunning. However, I am not fan of the half watch/half car interior design, but they at least make the device unique.

Despite its impressive exterior, the LINK is somewhat lacking in the specifications department. The 3.5-inch 800 x 480 display with Gorilla Glass is the highlight of the specs sheet, as the 256MB of RAM, 5MP camera, 3G, 8GB of storage, and unannounced processor speed are not exactly headline material. Not only that, the LINK will ship with only a custom version of Android 2.2, without any news of an upgrade. 

Still, if you are in need of a smartphone that will turn heads and at least be somewhat functional, the TAG Heuer LINK may be for you. That is, as long as you can afford the $6,700 off-contract asking price. If you are still remotely interested after hearing that price tag, you can check out a promotional video after the break.

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