Windows 8 is proving to be a very interesting operating system. It could even bring back our beloved MIDs

And today, Microsoft announced that its wildly successful Xbox LIVE gaming community will be coming to Windows 8. Now, normally, we wouldn't make such a big fuss over this, but it's because of my MID editorial that I thought it was necessary to go over. The Tegra 2 processor that some Windows 8 devices will be using are serious performers, and I can see a future where tablets running 8 become truly the best gaming devices. 

Now, Microsoft didn't say that this will be like Apple's Mac App Store, through which popular games are sold, but we can only surmise that will likely be the case. I'm not a huge gamer, but I play occasionally, and Windows 8 would be something I'd seriously consider purchasing if my thoughts are true. We'll find out next year.