If you were paying attention to the title of this article and the graph above, you are probably a little confused. The graph, which clearly shows Windows Phone to have a lower satisfaction rating than Android, seems to clearly contradict the title. Actually, this is not the case.

Here's why: that graph includes both Windows Phone 7 stats and Windows Mobile 6 stats. Together, the versions of Microsoft's OS score a measly 27% on the satisfaction graph. Android scores a more respectable 50%, but it should not come as a surprise that Apple still tops the charts in terms of satisfaction, that has always been their game. However, the interesting data is not actually on the graph. According to Change Wave, there is a "big difference between the high Very Satisfied rating for Windows Phone 7 (57%) vs. the much lower rating for Windows Mobile OS (14%)." For the relatively new mobile OS, this is quite a feat.

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has been trying to strike a perfect balance between iOS and Android. They want to have the features and power of Android, with the friendly and usable interface of iOS. If these numbers are any indication, it appears they have had some success.

Of course, these are still just results to a survey. The results could be skewed thanks to the low number of Windows Phone 7 devices. Also, I have not seen many Windows Phones in the wild, which leads me to believe that right now the owners are mostly Microsoft fans.

Still, it is impressive that Microsoft is scoring so high on customer satisfaction ratings, as that has never been their strong suit. There has been a lot of interest around Windows Phone 7 lately, so whatever they have been doing, they should keep it up.

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