I received a copy of an internal email about this a while ago, and now it's official. The Dell Streak has been given EOL (end of life) status and is no longer available, at least in the Americas.

Sales were below the company's expectations in this region, and as you may have guessed when the pocket tablet became "temporarily out of stock" at, all inventory was actually put on hold over a month ago. At that time, remaining units were screened and later delivered to fulfill outstanding orders and repairs. Once the entire stock was depleted, it was determined that the device would join the EOL graveyard and no longer be supported or available for purchase.

And sadly, today is that day.

Just yesterday, I requested "proof" that the tip I received more than a week ago about the Streak being EOL'd was legitimate, and this morning, my inbox was flooded with tips from readers alerting me to this page on Dell's website: (notice the "eol" in the URL?). Ask and you shall receive, I guess.

The Dell Streak may not have ever taken off in the mainstream market like we all hoped it would, but it's the reason StreakSmart exists today and why we're all here. And that's a sign of success to me.

Goodbye, Streak 5. It's been a great ride, indeed.

Thanks, anonymous tipster and everyone who sent in the URL!