If you thought that Windows 8 was going to boot up slowly and not very efficiently like in previous versions, then thankfully, you were wrong. The Building Windows 8 blog is reporting on what they're doing to 8 that will make the full operating system boot up in under 10 seconds.

Let me break it down for you: basically, when you shut Windows down, it will write to your hiberfile.sys file; it's essentially a deep hibernation.. It saves your windows and current tasks, but cuts power to everything. 

The really cool thing, though, is the way it reads that system file to boot up. Instead of running through all of your drivers and services and whatnot, it simply reads from the hiberfile.sys file and goes right back to what you were previously doing. If you're familiar with the Mac, it's very similar to what Lion does now. 

In my opinion, this is going to be huge for Windows 8 in general, but especially for tablets. Boot-ups won't take as much battery life and processing power, and things will be just the way they were before you shut your computer off. 

Are you all as excited for Windows 8 as we are?

[Building Windows 8]