If you live in the UK, then today is your lucky day. The official Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) OTA update has been released for the Dell Streak 7. The build is designed for the European model of the Streak 7, but it should work on most US variants as well, because really, they're not much different. 

Honeycomb has been much-anticipated by those who aren't already running one of DJ_Steve's HoneyStreak builds, so if you're in the mood for a "beelicious" treat, you can either hit up one of the links below or wait a little longer and see if the US update will be rolled out this Friday, the 7th of October. If you decide to dive in, let us know how it's going for you.

Update: The correct link for the .pkg file is now live.

Update #2: The real update link is now live too.

Thanks, Themanii!

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