Market3311-evoEven though an updated Android Market – one that allows movie rentals and book purchases – was supposed to be pushed to our HTC EVOs long ago, a vast majority of users are still reporting that they've been left behind. But does that stop the enterprising readers of G&E from having the latest and greatest that Google has to offer?

Of course not!

The latest Market update, version 3.3.11, is no different. In case you haven't heard, another version seems to be rolling out to everyone else in the world except for EVO users, and it includes some nice goodies such as the ability to have all apps update automatically, the ability to only allow auto-updates over WiFi, and the option to add shortcuts to your homescreen automatically when downloading a new app. This is in addition to all the other enhancements recently added to the Market, as well as some nice user interface tweaks such as a new app drawer icon and smaller font.

You can install it at the link below (it should install just fine over any previous version, just like any other app that you download). And if you ever want to roll back to the old Market (that's so last month), it's pretty easy to uninstall the updates (Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Downloaded > Market > Uninstall updates).

[Android Police] Thanks, Bradd!