One of the things that bugged the heck out of me with my Dell Streak 7 was the fact that, while I had the device plugged into my Mac, I couldn't charge it. It was the biggest downfall of the Streak 7 in my opinion, and it made me really upset. 

That was a few months ago, though, when I originally got my Streak. Then, the Honeycomb update rolled out and made the tablet a lot more useful. But one of the ways it did so wasn't very apparent until today, when I plugged my Streak 7 into the USB hub on my desk.

Lo and behold, the thing started charging! At first, I thought it was just a software glitch. But a minute later, the battery (which started out at 45%) shot to 46%, and then a few minutes after that, it was at 47%! 

It's not the fastest way to charge the Streak, but I think that even a little bit of extra juice while I'm importing my copy of M83's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is definitely a good thing.