I don't know about you, but I love new phone announcements, especially when they come from the manufacturer of our beloved HTC EVO family of devices. That's why I'm really intrigued by HTC's latest hints that it might have something up its sleeves on February 26.

Members of the press have been getting notices that HTC will be announcing something new on this date in Barcelona, which is the day right before the Mobile World Congress begins. While I think it's unlikely that an "EVO 3" or "EVO LTE" will be announced at this time, it's still fun to speculate. And more importantly, this might be the time that certain new technologies are announced, which will subsequently make their way to next-generation EVOs, even if the EVOs themselves aren't announced yet.

Additionally, it's possible that this might have something to do with HTC's recent announcement that it's parterning up with IBM.

In any case, we all know what I personally would like to see in the next EVO, but what about you?