The RIM roadmap that leaked last week provided plenty of interesting information about upcoming BlackBerry product releases, but was devoid of anything more than names on paper. Fortunately, a new promotional image leaked by CrackBerry has remedied our lack of interesting images.

What you see above is RIM's London smartphone, which will likely be the BlackBerry 10 device predicted for release in September of this year. If you have been following BlackBerry 10 (formerly known as BBX,) then you will have no doubt noticed that this image doesn't look anything like the BlackBerry device leaked last year. It appears that RIM has pulled a Motorola with the London, and modified the device's design to be more streamlined with the rest of the company's products. I can't say I like it better than the previous design, but it does look very classy and similar to the PlayBook.

While none of these specs are confirmed, most reports seem to agree that the London will pack a 1.5GHZ dual-core processor, and this image also suggests a rear camera with LED flash and front camera, as well as a pretty large widescreen display.

So far, the London is shaping up to be just what RIM needs to keep BlackBerry alive, but their time is limited. If they don't get this great looking phone out the door soon, it may not be enough to stem the tide of those deserting the BlackBerry 10/QNX platform.