Windows 8 was shown off last night, but a lot of the stuff Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked about was either already known about or pretty much expected. 

Thankfully, CES is so much more than the software developers; it's also about hardware manufacturers. Qualcomm is a supplier of some of the best mobile chips in the world, and it's poised to be a major player in the Windows 8 game.

The tablet you see above is a genuine copy of Windows 8 running on an ARM processor, which is actually the first time anyone has seen a public display of such a thing. The tablet reportedly ran incredibly well and buttery smooth, which is obviously a much-needed feature in a tablet that consumers want to look nice and perform like a beast. 

More importantly, given Qualcomm's expertise in the mobile networking market, this tablet was also running on a carrier's LTE network, meaning that we should see a healthy selection of connection options with an already-healthy selection of hardware. 

Thank goodness for CES week! Being able to somewhat look into the future just makes me so excited for what's gonna come out of it.