We have been in love with Sony's Xperia S smartphone since we first caught a leaked glimpse of it back in December, and since then things have only gotten better. The announced specs were almost exactly what we thought they would be, and Sony even has plans for an AT&T version of the device. Now, according to a European product manager, the Xperia S will have two more previously unannounced features.

The first is rapid charging, purported to allow you to charge your device in half the time taken by other phones. While it's not the ideal solution to battery life, the lithium-polymer technology should certainly help. The other improvement is a special "dirt-repellent UV-active nano-coating," which sounds to me a lot like Fujitsu's new durability coating (albeit without the waterproofing).

Although the latter improvement has been confirmed by Sony's Facebook page, we still have no idea what exactly UV nano coating does. Of course, as long as it doesn't break anything there seems to be no reason not to have it. 

We also don't know if these improvements will also be present on the AT&T Ion, but it seems safe to assume they will. However, if you want to get your hands on the Xperia S/Ion before this spring, you may be better off looking to the international GSM version.

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