PlenueThe company Cowon has long been associated with very high-quality portable music players, and it hasn't slowed down with its releases.

The last time we posted about a Cowon device, it was the R7 Windows CE tablet. Since then, however, things have stayed relatively quiet. Thankfully, the tech space moves quickly, and companies need to keep up—Cowon has done so by announcing and launching its new Z2 Plenue PMP today. 

The device runs a highly-customized version of Android. It also features an 800 x 480 3.7-inch AMOLED screen, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and 8GB to 32GB of internal storage that you can expand with a microSD card. Other specs include a 1GHz Cortex-A8 processor and support for 1080p HD video. 

If you live in Korea, you can pick a Z2 Plenue up for just $230 at the low end, or $300 for the highest. Unfortunately, nothing has been said about a release for anywhere else, but there's a similarly-specced Cowon device, the D2 Plenue, available on Amazon for $220.