Hey! Remember towards the beginning of the month when we reported on the release of the Dell Streak Pro's kernel? Well, here we are in the second-to-last week of February with yet another release of . . . something. 

Normally, we're pretty good at identifying what files are that have been released, but these ones have us stumped. In fact, our good friend Giveen, who sent the tip, didn't know what they were, either.

If I had to bet on what it is, I would place my money on the files being an updated version of the kernel that we saw earlier this year. But honestly, I just don't know. If you'd like to help us figure out exactly what these files are, just leave a comment and we'll update the post with a great big thanks from the team here at StreakSmart.

The files are listed below – just click on the filename to commence the download. 

Update: Themanii gives a great explanation in the comments. Thanks for the answer!

[OpenSource_Release2.sbm71.tar.bz2 | OpenSource_Release2.emo62.tar.bz2] Thanks, Giveen!