Gs01Dell's Streak Pro line is certainly hot these days. Aside from being one of the few Streaks still (officially) sold, Dell has also provided developers and Android hackers the code and kernels for the phone, as well. 

As further proof that the Round Rock, Texas, company is still investing in the Streak, it released the Streak Pro GS01. It's the device you see to your left. 

Currently, the GS01 is available only in Japan on the country's eMobile network. This network is Japan's fastest, pushing speeds at an insane 75Mb/s! 

As tipster Themanii explains, the GS01 and the already-released D43 and 101DL are all the same device with varying ROMs being the only differentiator between them. This makes sense, too, considering that the D43 and 101DL are loaded with Baidu's Yi and not Android. 

I know that the Streak Pro doesn't offer a lot of the features we fell in love with the Streak line in the first place, but these are pretty good-looking phones. It would be really awesome if Dell sold the GS01 (with Android, not Yi) here in the States, but I doubt it. 

[BUZZAP! (Translated)] Thanks, UnlockStreak and Themanii!