Htc-logoWhile HTC EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G users patiently await for the upcoming update to Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC has decided to give a few select users an early treat: around 200 Europeans who own either an HTC Sensation or Sensation XE will have the chance to trial an "early access preview" of the new software. Furthermore, they will be offering similar previews to owners of other devices, which leaves open the possibility that we EVO owners might see some love.

Here's the official quote from HTC:

HTC is doing something new and pretty cool in the coming days: we'll be releasing an "early access preview" of our ICS upgrade for the Sensation and Sensation XE. This will be limited in scope (just a few hundred users and only in Europe) because we’re still scaling up back-end resources for general availability worldwide, and our hope is people will play with it and enjoy getting used to the ICS experience with Sense. We’ll be doing similar previews for other devices in the future, too.

I don't know about you, but I say: good job, HTC!