Streak_familyIf I were to tell you that Dell is switching its focus from the consumer PC market to the IT market, what would you say? Would you be disappointed? How about indifferent? 

Regardless of how you feel, that's what Dell is planning to do. Today, the president of Dell's enterprise unit, Brad Anderson, told PC Pro that, "We're [Dell's] no longer a PC company, we're an IT company."

While Anderson was directly talking about Dell's line up of consumer desktops and laptops, this news can also be used to predict the future of the Streak line of phones and tablets, as well. If you follow other tech sites, you'll know that companies like Lenovo and Fujitsu have been releasing business-oriented Android tablets for some time. If Dell is truly going to focus on the business world and IT, Streaks could become a major part of the company's business. 

Then again, maybe Dell is interested in making servers and offering services for its business products and will simply abandon the Streaks more than it already has. In any case, I think this will have a major impact on what comes out of Red Round Rock in terms of the Streak line. 

Any thoughts? 

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