Mog-musicLast month, we reported that HTC may decide to launch a streaming music service that will be preinstalled on upcoming devices, like the next HTC EVO. And now this seems ever more likely, given recent reports that Beats Electronic – in which HTC owns a majority stake – will be acquiring the MOG music streaming service.

For those of you who remember, MOG was actually one of the first providers of streaming music, before Pandora, Google Music, or Spotify came on the scene. However, right now only around 500,000 subscribers use MOG, compared to Spotify, which boasts 3 million paid users. In any case, low subscriber counts may have allowed Beats to buy MOG at just the right price.

It's not clear what Beats plans on doing with MOG yet, and it's possible that June could be too soon to include Beats-branded MOG in the next EVO. But it will still be interesting to see what HTC does with this, especially as HTC tries to differentiate itself from competitors like Samsung or Motorola.

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