The Dell Streak 5 is going on two years old already. While it was certainly one of the coolest devices ever, tech changes very quickly and the littlest Streak just didn't keep up. 

If you're ready for a change and bought your Streak from Best Buy with the outlet's insurance, you may be eligible for an upgrade. One of our forum members was lucky enough to bust the Streak that they had in their possession once again, and subsequently asked for a replacement from Best Buy. Only this time, Best Buy told them that there weren't any Streaks left; they'd have to opt for another device. 

Long story short, this forum member traded the broken Streak 5 for a brand new Galaxy Note. I think that's pretty awesome, and it's a great way to upgrade to a device that's better supported. 

If you can pull this off with your Best Buy store, head on over to our Galaxy Note forums and join in on the fun! 

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