Verizon's release of the RAZR MAXX, a variant of the Droid RAZR with better battery life, doubtless caused some considerable frustration for owners of the original RAZR who bought it mere months before. With the MAXX, not only is there a nearly identical phone out with one important new feature, RAZR owners are also newly locked into a two-year contract and can't upgrade. Fortunately, unhappy consumers now have the option to upgrade RAZR's batter to the same huge cell in the RAZR MAXX for just $110 and a bit of hard work.

As the RAZR and RAZR MAXX really are identical other than the battery, most of the actual parts are interchangeable. However, the batteries on both devices are not designed to be user removable, so getting the parts out may prove to be a challenge. Still, if you hand over the $110 payment to Cellphone Repair Shop, you will get all the components you need to complete the surgery, including the new battery, back housing, outer back battery frame, and plenty of pre-installed and pre-cut installation tape. 

If you care to undertake the challenge, you will void your warranty, but apart from prying the old parts out of the RAZR everything else should be pretty much plug and play. It certainly isn't an ideal solution, but if you are one of the unlucky folks who purchased the RAZR and has RAZR MAXX envy, it may be your best bet to get that improved battery life. 

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