I hate to start out a post asking if anybody is surprised at this news, but I kind of have to given Dell's history with mobile tech, right? So, is anyone surprised that Dell has ceased its smartphone sales in the US?

A Dell spokesman told PCWorld that the Venue and Venue Pro had run their course and will no longer be available for purchase. Those two devices were the last Dell-branded smartphones to be sold, so this marks the end of all of Dell's consumer-centric, mobile technology – for now.

Jack Gold, a principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, stated that Dell is ready to reinvent its mobile product strategy. Even better is the fact that Dell believes its mobile products are as important as its enterprise and service offerings. As we know, Dell is shifting towards being an IT company first, so this news means that Dell is at least going to try to be a major player in mobile technology. 

Still, the discontinuation of Dell's smartphone line is slightly disconcerting. Hopefully, though, we'll get something new to hold in our hands from the folks in Round Rock.