Today, Dell released the Streak Pro 101DL and the Streak Pro GS01 on Japanese carriers SoftBank and eMobile, respectively. These two devices have been in the works for a while and they're finally ready for consumer consumption. 

You're probably not thinking much about this. After all, these devices don't mean much to you if you live outside of Japan. But even if you won't be picking one up or importing one to where you live, these Streaks do have qutie a bit of meaning for the rest of the world. Last week, Dell announced that it would be turning away from its consumer products to focus on IT products and services – and when you add that fact to the underwhelming popularity of the Streak line, you get an outcome that isn't favorable: no more Streaks.

There's always the chance for me to be wrong, of course, and I really hope I am. I still love my Streak 7 and I'm sure you all love your Streak(s), too. I know most of you aren't willing to give Dell another shot, but if you're interested in these devices, hit up the source links to see if they're worth importing; after that, let us know if you got one!

[SoftBank | eMobile] Thanks, TheManii!