Htc-logoAccording to the latest J.D. Powers "Smartphone Satisfaction" report, HTC ranked just behind Apple in customer satisfaction ratings, and over both Samsung and Motorola. Rankings are based on customer satisfaction with performance, ease of operation, physical design, and features. To determine the rankings, J.D. Powers surveyed 7,080 smartphone owners who have used their current mobile device for less than one year.

Many smartphone users who were surveyed did complain about decreased battery life, and 21% of current smartphone owners reported experiencing a software or device malfunction. Still, HTC managed to amass an average score of 798 points on a 1000-point scale, while Samsung had 769, Motorola 758, LG and Blackberry 733, Nokia 702, and Palm 697.

Hopefully, HTC will be able to beat Apple once the new One Series has been released worldwide. But in the meantime, HTC is certainly holding its own! For the full text of the report, check out the source link below.