Htc-sense-byebye Have you tried visiting lately? If you do, you’ll get the following message:

Features previously available on are no longer available. If you have been using to sync your Contacts, Messages, Footprints or Call History, you can download your data through April 30, 2012.

Last year, I asked what the deal was with How come most of its features weren’t even available to HTC EVO users? And how come the features that actually were available, like the phone locator or remote lock and wipe, never seemed to work right? Well, apparently HTC decided to stop trying. Luckily, since we EVO users didn’t even have access to features like Footprints or Call History, we don’t have to worry about downloading our information before it’s deleted. And even more luckily, there are much better and more reliable location-based security programs out there, like SeekDroid or Where’s My Droid. Oh well. Perhaps HTC has something even better up its sleeves for the next EVO. [HTC]