If the concept renders and CES demonstration of Intel's Medfield smartphone platform didn't get you interested in the x86 based mobile chipset, today's information might just be enough to get you excited. At a trade show in Germany, a lucky visitor was able to run some benchmarks on Orange's Medfield-powered Santa Clara smartphone, which yielded some very interesting results. 

Powered by only a single-core 1.4GHz Z2460 processor, the Santa Clara still managed to score a 90,000 on BrowserMark, which is slightly above the iPhone 4S's score. The dual-core Galaxy Nexus managed to beat it with a score of about 100,000, but that may be the result of Android 4.0's optimizations, something the Medfield device doesn't yet have with its Android 2.3 OS.

Despite this, the Santa Clara did manage to come out ahead of the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and various other Android devices in a Vellamo benchmark. In fact, only the quad-core Transformer Prime and dual-core Xiaomi phone came in ahead of it. 

While these benchmarks are by no means conclusive or definitive, they still serve as a good indicator of the kind of performance we can expect from Medfield devices. With that in mind, these scores certainly don't look bad, especially for a single-core processor. Dual-core Medfields should be coming soon, and at this rate it looks like they have the potential to dominate the benchmarks. Of course, user experience and perceived speed will be the real measures of Medfield's performance, but if these benchmarks hold true then Intel seems set to impress.

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