Early last week, I asked you how much data you typically use each month on Sprint with your HTC EVO. I was curious to find out how important unlimited data really is: does the typical G&E reader use that much more data than users on AT&T or Verizon, who have hard caps at 2GB and get charged for overages, or those users who are on T-Mobile and suffer from throttling after a certain point?

I didn't really know what to expect, but as it turns out, G&E readers are all over the place. About a third of poll respondents said that their data usage was under 2GB, about a third said usage was between 2-5GB, and the last third said they routinely go over 5GB.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the smallest group of respondents said that they are usually under 500MB per month (8.57%), while the next smallest group said that they typically use more than 10GB (14.43%).

And of course, these results could be skewed any number of ways. Someone who argues for data caps that would hopefully improve data speeds across Sprint's network might say: "Over two-thirds (68.5%) of people said they never go above 5GB, so that seems like a reasonable cap to me!" Someone else might counterargue, "31.5% use more than 5GB, and Sprint can't afford to tick off almost a third of its users!"

Of course, this poll doesn't really represent all Sprint users, but rather just those who took the time to respond to the poll. So what do you think of these results?