When I write something about the Kindle Fire, what do you think of? Is the first thing that comes to your mind its size, its price, or its popularity? In mine, it's the popularity that the tablet has seen. It's Amazon's best-selling Kindle, and based on some results from the analytics firm comScore, it's the most popular Android tablet by a wide margin. 

comScore's data is measured by how many times numerous tablets visit the internet. Therefore, if a device never goes on the web, it isn't counted in these scores. Still, most people who purchase a tablet are probably using it for web surfing, so the following numbers should translate fairly accurately for sales, too. According to the firm, the Kindle Fire enjoyed 54.4% of Android tablet web traffic in February. For comparison, second place's share was just 15.4% – and that included the entire family of Samsung Galaxy Tabs. 

Since we've known for a while that the Kindle Fire is a runaway success, I don't think this should come as a surprise to anyone. Hopefully, though, these results will push other manufacturers to market their tablets a little more forcefully so consumers can have even better quality tablets at this relatively low price point.