Frys-microsdIn case you live in one of the few areas that has a Fry's close-by, you'll want to run – not walk – and pick up a Patriot 32GB micro SD card for only $19.99. However, this price is only good today (it is part of a special one-day sale at Fry's), so you really don't want to wait around and potentially miss this.

Sure, this micro-SD card is only a class 4, but for twenty bucks, who cares? And unlike a previous sale I told you about, you can rest assured that this really is a micro SD card.

The timing couldn't be more perfect, since it was just confirmed that the upcoming HTC EVO 4G LTE will indeed come with a micro SD card slot. But then again, even if you don't plan on upgrading, this card will fit in an original EVO 4G, an EVO 3D, or an EVO View 4G tablet, as well.

[Fry's] Thanks, Captain Spoon!