Fcc-logoThe HTC EVO 4G LTE passed through the FCC yesterday with no problems, which means it's all set for presales to begin on May 7, with the phone expected to actually hit store shelves sometime in early June.

There really aren't many surprises with HTC's FCC filing: we can expect it to support 1X and 3G on Sprint's normal frequencies  (band classes 0, 1, 10; i.e. CDMA1X + EV-DO 850/1900/800), and 4G LTE (band class 25; i.e. LTE 1900, PCS A-G blocks; also  LTE 800 and TD-LTE 2600). The phone also has SVDO and SVLTE support, in addition to the typical 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi radio.

In other words, it looks like Sprint is really future-proofing this phone, as it is compatible with frequencies and technologies that don't even exist yet on Sprint's network (there have even been whispers surrounding the possibility of simultaneous voice and 3G data support, for example, but that hasn't been confirmed).

Now that the EVO 4G LTE has done the FCC-tango, who's even more excited to pick one up?

[FCC via Pocketnow] Thanks, John!

Update: Initial impressions that the EVO 4G LTE would be compatible with LTE 800 and TD-LTE 2600 turned out to be false.