Kushdeck, a developer known throughout the EVO community for producing outstanding ROMs, let the world know he ported CyanogenMod 9 to the HTC EVO 4G LTE last night, taking the spot of the third EVO 4G LTE ROM to be developed for the phone in the span of a week that the phone has been available and the first pure AOSP ROM for the newly released device.

There’s not a lot known about this ROM yet. It was released very late (or extremely early this morning,) without a change log, feature or bug list. Just a short youtube video of it booting up and running. As I don’t have the E4GLTE yet, I can’t try it yet.

We can probably assume that the LTE/4G doesn’t work yet as I don’t think Sprint has released any code relating to that yet, and it’s probably got the stock AOSP camera which if working will probably be a step down from stock, and as a first release it probably is not the most stable ROM to consider yet.

Although there is no real information on this ROM yet and it’s considered a work in progress, development at this speed on a newly released EVO is very exciting. After the sporadic bursts of development and innovation we saw early on the EVO 3D, it’s nice to see the baby EVO taking its first steps quickly.