Original HTC EVO 4G owners, rejoice! You've got an update waiting for you that bumps you up to version 5.07.651.1 and includes a new app, the Sprint Connections Optimizer. The update is being released in stages over the next six weeks, but it should be waiting for you if you manually check right now.

The Sprint Connections Optimizer is actually a nice little addition; it acts much like Locale in automatically turning on and off various network connections depending on your location. According to Sprint:

  • Wi-Fi and 4G radios on your device will be automatically turned on at pre-specified locations and times of day.
  • Your device will then scan to identify available Wi-Fi networks and automatically connect to those you’ve previously specified
  • In a small number of locations,  the feature may automatically connect to the 4G network for faster connection speed

Sprint says this will help battery life, improve data coverage in buildings, and reduce mobile data usage for devices that don't have unlimited data plans anymore (like the EVO View 4G). To me, it sounds like this is just another push to off-load as much data traffic as possible onto other networks, so Sprint can keep data plans unlimited – and there's not really anything wrong with that.

Right now, it seems like the EVO 4G is the only EVO device to get this, but Sprint says it's coming to the rest of the lineup soon in the form of future OTA updates. Be sure to let us know if you notice any other changes with this update!