152179-htcevo3d-400x400[1]Briefmobile.com posted a new leaked executable RUU for the HTC EVO 3D containing Android 4.0/Sense 3.6 that is potentially what Virgin Mobile will be using next month when the OTA rollouts start.

There's not a lot of information on it other than it's an executable RUU that takes you through step by step updating your HTC EVO 3D to ICS on a PC.

The main difference between what came out a few weeks ago and this is that this an executable RUU that does not require root or an unlocked bootloader to update. Anxious unrooted Virgin Mobile customers with EVO 3Ds (all 52 of them) could start running this and get ICS right now, or unrooted Sprint customers could as well but that might cause connection issues like what was seen with the last leak and the Virgin Mobile firmware.

But a word of warning, this may not be the final ICS update, and with untested and unknown software you might end up with a new HBOOT, locked, buggy phone, showing the wrong carrier, and no way to correct it even if you took it in for repair.

In other words, I'd seriously advise against playing with this if you're unfamiliar with root, adb, and finding developers who know how to fix what's broken unless you want to potentially be thrown in feet first into a root-requiring phone recovery situation. This release is best looked at as something developers can pick apart for new ROMs.

via Phandroid