RIM's original BlackBerry PlayBook is already over a year old, believe it or not. The tablet has grown a lot since then; namely, its OS 2.0 update made it more usable, and the numerous price drops got it into the hands of a lot of people

But even with all of those accomplishments, RIM has failed to introduce a 4G variant of the 7-inch device. Originally, Sprint was supposed to sell a WiMAX-compatible PlayBook – unfortunately, that never panned out

Regardless of RIM's past failures, the company is still planning on going ahead with its dreams of a 4G tablet. We've heard rumblings about this mysterious 'PlayBook 4G' throughout the past few months, but now RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has confirmed that such a device will be released this year. 

That's when the new CEO stopped talking. All we know is that a PlayBook 4G will be offered by the end of the year, but any news about a specific release date is being kept quiet to be announced on another day. 

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