We've always really liked Sony's Tablet P here at Pocketables, from the dual-screen clamshell design to the sturdy Sony build quality. However, while the included Honeycomb software worked fairly well on the tablet, Tablet P owners have been waiting for Sony to offer the official update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that they promised would arrive back in April.

It may be a month later, but Sony has just announced that the Tablet P will definitely be getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update on May 24, just about a week from now. In addition to making the few tweaks needed to get Ice Cream Sandwich working with the two displays, Sony has also added a few new features including some windowed apps like a calculator and browser which can be used on top of a currently running applications. 

Sony only explicitly confirmed the update for Japanese versions of the device, but they did the same thing with the Tablet S update which rolled out to all devices at the same time. It is possible that the AT&T version could be slightly delayed, but hopefully they will get it out soon because the update sounds like it should be a nice improvement for the dedicated Tablet P owners out there.

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