We all love our Dell Streak 7s, but one thing that was missing was TWRP: the Team Win Recovery Project. This is a highly-customizable, touch-enabled recovery software for Android. 

Like I said, this awesome piece of software was missing from our 7-inch Streaks for the longest time, but thanks to Giveen, that's no longer the case. Last Friday, Giveen successfully ported TWRP to the Streak 7, allowing users of the tablet to finally access those advanced settings that TWRP offers.

Giveen  says that the following list of features works:

  • Boots
  • Landscape mode
  • Touch
  • Backup to internal and external
  • USB mount (provided Streak 7 ADB drivers are installed and you use 'adb shell')
  • Restore from internal storage 

Please note that this is only for ICS-B4, but that there have been a few people who've tried it on custom Honeycomb images with success, as well. Let us know in the comments how it works for you!

[TabletROMs] Thanks, Giveen!