Now that you've preordered your HTC EVO 4G LTE, and you've taken a look at the "Get Started" guide, we've got even more reading material to hold you over until the newest EVO is in your hands: the complete user guide – all 219 pages – has been leaked and is ready for you to download right now.

While many of the EVO 4G LTE's features will function the same as in previous EVOs, you should definitely take this opportunity to read about new features like NFC, Media Link HD, Face Unlock, data encryption, and LTE connectivity. There are also lots of nice updates to familiar apps and quite a few screenshots of Sense 4.0.

Currently, only the "Get Started" guide is available on Sprint's official support site for the EVO 4G LTE, although Sprint's official EVO 4G LTE forums have been up and running for a little while now. So put on your reading glasses, and allow yourself to get intimately acquainted with the EVO 4G LTE before it even arrives.

[Inside Sprint Now] Thanks, Mike!