Developer Vinchenzop has released a mod for the HTC EVO 4G LTE which brings to it the very useful 6-in-1 power menu options. EVO 4G and 3D owners have had this standard in most custom ROMs for a while now.

The mod adds the functionality from pressing the power button to restart, boot into recovery, boot into bootloader, switch sound on/off/vibrate, and switch off radios or data.

Odexed ROM users are out of luck at the moment, as there is no version of this mod for them, but the author states that there should be an odexed version available in the next couple of days. However, at this early in the E4GLTE game, the question remains: is there even an odexed ROM available of the three ROMs currently out for the phone?

There is also a version of the mod which adds the long press home mod, so if you want both mods, it’s right below the APM download link.

As with all root mods, make sure you make a nandroid backup first, then flash from recovery. And let us know how it worked for you.