As promised last week, CyanogenMod 9 Release Candidate 1 was released for download today. CyanogenMod’s blog states that they have been working on CM9 for 225 days since the code was released, so some people may wonder what took them so long. If you weren’t aware, CM7 is from Android 2.3.7 and with the release of CM9 they jump to Android 4.0.4. That’s a lot of code to get straightened out, and for a lot of different devices. Not only is there a long list of phones that CM supports, there are also a lot of tablets.

The total list of devices that have RC1 available to them today is 37. Sadly, that list doesn’t include any of the devices in the HTC EVO family or the HP TouchPad, but there are a few tablets on the list. Included on the list are the ASUS Transformer and Transformer Prime, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom, and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

They also made some changes to their website, so that you no longer need to know the code name for your device. While the code names are still listed, they also have the actual device name listed as well to make finding the correct ROM that much easier. If you have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for this release, head on over to and start flashing.

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