DigitalKarma is a Sense-based Gingerbread ROM for the original HTC EVO 4G that aims at giving a Sense 4.0 feel on a Sense 1.0 base.

On my first run through DK country, I was impressed at the theming. I may be a sucker for desaturated themes, but the glowing bonsai tree matching the menu and settings when I opened it up was very nice. All the themes on this, including the Sense 4.0 HTC theme, are done very nicely.

On the engine side, DigitalKarma packs the Underworld 0.7 SBC kernel, the Sony X-Loud and Bravia engines, DSP manager, V^ SuperCharger, and a host of features too long to mention here.

I’ll point out that DigitalKarma also ships with a lot of tools pre-installed, including WiFi tethering, the old RSA/4G Key checker which I haven’t thought about in a long time, A2SD, and Rapfox FTP server. Once you get this ROM, you probably aren’t going to have to go hunting down any other tools. It’s just sort of all in one place.

It’s a very fast little ROM, very well laid out, very pretty, and responsive. It’s kind of hard to run though because it’s just so nice to look at.