Some users of the HTC EVO 4G LTE are reporting that Google Wallet functionality has now been restored on their devices. Previously, users were met with error messages when attempting to add a prepaid card or a Citi Mastercard, and then later they were locked out of the app completely. But according to the latest reports, many are now able to access the app, add their payment information, regain access to previously-lost balances, and use the app to make NFC purchases.

I’ve attempted  to get this up and running on my own EVO with no luck – I’m still getting the same error message that “Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device / carrier.” This even remains after wiping the app data, and it makes no difference whether I’m on WiFi or 3G.

Be sure to let us know below whether or not you’re still experiencing issues, or if your access has now been restored.