The HTC EVO 4G LTE is available at Amazon Wireless today for $49.99 for new customers, or $149.99 if you’re an existing customer who is eligible for an upgrade and completes a contract extension.

Having had the phone in my hands for a month now, I can say without a doubt that it’s a worthy successor to the original EVO 4G, and hands-down wipes the floor with the EVO 3D in terms of picture quality, speed, sharpness, battery life, etc. You can also make calls and surf the web on 3G simultaneously, which is pretty sweet.

For those more interested in exploiting the rooted potential of the phone, there are already two root methods available: a local and an officially sanctioned bootloader unlock. Two recoveries are already available, and kernels and radios can be flashed without jumping through hoops or needing a computer attached. The whole phone functions more or less like S-OFF devices used to.

There is no expiration date on the Amazon Wireless offer listed, but the price could change at any time. And chances are that this will be the best price for at least a few months.

Do be aware if you’re upgrading that this phone is not compatible with 4G WiMAX, like the other EVOs. WiMAX is eventually going away, and Sprint is currently rolling out 4G LTE. The new LTE network is not built out very far yet, and it will be a little while before it’s everywhere.

[AmazonThanks, s4pat!