In Amazon’s never-ending quest for world domination to be the best place to buy cell phones, the company has lowered its asking price for the HTC EVO 4G LTE. New customers can pick up the device for $129.99, which is the same price at which Amazon is selling the almost-identical HTC One X on AT&T.

This special pricing is for new customers only and requires a new 2-year contract. Eligible upgrades or additional lines on family plans will both cost $20 more ($149.99), although that’s still a great deal. Granted, this doesn’t quite match Wirefly’s initial Friends and Family pricing, but it’s the closest you’ll get without having to jump through any hoops or trade in any old devices.

This pricing also comes with all the standard perks from Amazon, including the price match guarantee, free 2-day shipping, and no sales tax in most states. So now that the asking price is a bit lower, do you plan on making the jump?