There have been two major issues with Android on the TouchPad ever since it was released. The first one was that the camera does not function, and the second was that the microphone would not work. Well, now we are down to just one major issue with the TouchPad, as there is finally a fix available for the microphone. JScullins is the one being credited with the microphone driver, and it is scheduled to be merged into the CM9 nightly soon. You can check the merges here to see what is planned.

This is great news for the TouchPad community as it has been a long time since there was a major breakthrough for the device. The developers are chugging along still, even if we don’t see a lot of big things being handled. Everyday there are new changes being implemented to CM9. If you want to try out the newest nightly, you can find it here. If you are looking for a one-stop shop of all the newest changes with CM9, you should check out travisross69’s compilation post on Rootzwiki. He keeps it up to date, and you can also find the microphone drivers there if you don’t want to wait until they are merged into the code. Hopefully we will be seeing a working camera soon.